Hashtag This!


#Hashtags, do you use them? Are they your pet hate? Do you love them? Do you #getannoyedwhensomeoneusesanutterlypointlessonefornoreason


Hashtags have been around since 2007, when Chris Messina, a social technology expert, is credited, as using the very first hashtag, on Twitter. His tweet appeared as ?how do you feel about using # barcamp (msg)?? Messina wanted to create a discussion and hashtags have been used for this purpose ever since. It is said, he didn’t patent the idea, to help it catch on further. Now hashtags are not restricted to Twitter, Instagram appears to have taken over as hashtag King and Facebook still has no use for them! On Linkeldn, the jury seems to be out, as to if you should be using them or not, or just how many are successful on Linkeldn.So what makes a good or bad hashtag? What should you do about using them? Firstly, you need to do your homework! Check if a hashtag is taken, if you have the correct spelling and if it is too long, for anyone to remember!

Hashtags can be highly successful but they can also lead to epic fails, so be wary – Susan Boyle, was launching an album, a hashtag (and a party)to celebrate – so it seemed a great idea, to use a unique hashtag! the problem was that clearly nobody had actually looked at the hashtag written down and so the #susananalbumparty became legendary, for all the wrong reasons!

Other times, a hashtag can just come across as insensitive, #cairo to celebrate a new range of shoes, being tweeted at the same time as Egyptian Revolution, did not look good, for those involved. The New York police Department, who invited people to post a photo of themselves, with a police office, using the #AskACop backfired, when people started posting pictures of police brutality!

So have you come across any similar fails (or maybe some fantastic ones), do let me know!