Sharing your story on social!

Sharing Your Story on Social....

I read an interesting debate, this morning, about how much of your own life, you should share on social. By this, I’m not referring to posting photos of your kids, house, last meal and relationship woes but rather your own “ story”.

When you are thinking about content idea and when you are stressed and pushed for time, one idea can be, to share your own “story” as a way of connecting with your followers. It doesn’t need to be your “story” from birth to present, or even your whole history, of your career. It can be a “story” that simply connects, with your customers, or is relevant to articles and posts, you are sharing. So how much is too much to share? What are you happy to share- your goals? your motivations? Your failures? Your successes? What would you deem as too much or be uncomfortable to share?

Sharing your “story” can be frightening on social media. If you have honed the perfect tone of voice, you may be worried that it will not fit in with your perfected tone of voice. Perhaps you may be worried, you will not seem “professional” and potentially harm, your brand. It doesn’t have to be your personal “story” that leads to you feeling vulnerable , it’s sometimes good to step out of your comfort zone but you should never abandon, the fundamentals of your overall social strategy!

By sharing your “story”, you should be creating connections, with those that are reading your story! This may be, sharing why you started your business, the person that motivates you, the relative that gave you some advice, it can be as revealing, as you choose it to be!

Your “story” does need to be authentic and true, however, that goes without saying. What would be your comfortable starting point? Could it be as simple, as sharing a ritual, an idiosyncrasy, or anything else that reveals, the human side to your business!

Brand storytelling on social media, can help people, understand and resonate with your business, build your brand awareness and create a story that your customers or clients, will remember.

Now, just like I wouldn’t start reading Biff and the Magic Key story, to a group of pre teens – your story on social, needs to be a story, that will fit with your audience! Points to consider, might include, what problems do your customers have? How do they overcome problems? Having this in mind, might help you frame your story.

When it comes to telling your story, you may want to be unique, inspiring and have a context. Just like those pre teens, from my years in the classroom, would tell you – there always needs to be an audience, in mind, for your story. You need to know, where that audience live, in the world of social and the stories that will best work with them! Are your stories visual? personal? humour driven? It is vital that your story is going to be on brand and in the world of social, enough to stop the scroll?