Why Your Social Media Presence Is Important!

Social media is difficult to escape, even if you wanted to. There are so many platforms and each with their own nuances and ways of working! It can be difficult to know which is the right platform for you, or if you should be on there at all!

Social media helps to validate your brand. When social media, is done well, it helps your consumers to know that a brand is active and aware of their consumers wants and needs. Undoubtedly, consumers will look for your brand online. When a businesses is online, they are more likely, to use ones with a strong social media presence.

Perhaps you’re unsure what to post, so you opt for silence? It’s worth considering if an inactive account, is harming your brand, as much as a social media presence, that is not so strong!

The purpose of social media marketing, is to build a brand and ensure that through your engagement, through your social media posts, you are encouraging relationships between yourself and your customers and communicating with potential customers. Communication and engagement with customers gives you a way to communicate with your customers and potential customers. Social media allows you to communicate to them your brand message!

Relationships, just as in the real world, are not instantaneous, nor are they one sided, so expect to work, at building your online presence and your relationships.

The more you communicate with the audience, the more chances you have of conversion.

Your online customers value communication, the art of social is being social. Your customers appreciate when they post comments on your page and they receive a personal response and not only ever a computerised response!

Just some of the reasons why no social media presence may harm your business.

You may have an bustling unique business but word of mouth and old school sales tactics, will only get you so far. If customers do hear about you and go searching for you on social media, they won’t be able to find you!
You may well have an amazing business, you may offer an outstanding service but just like number one – nobody can sing your praises, without a social media presence! The power of a customer testimonial, is something you can really harness on social media. Add to that the power of user generated content and you may well be missing out on customers who may well tag you in their photos and posts, praising your product/service.
Alternatively, burying your head in the sand about negative feedback, by not being on social media platforms, is not always the best option. You can’t respond to feedback quickly or resolve issues. You are likely to offer an overall more negative customer experience, if it takes a long time to resolve a simple issue.
Product launches, or special events can’t be posted about on social media, if you are not on there. Neither can you post videos live from the event or get people to talk about you, after the event on social media!
You can’t watch your competitors and watch how they are doing on social. Are they doing well? Are there tips you can use and do you notice anything about their audience?
You are missing an opportunity to engage with your customers/clients and build upon connections.By talking to your customers, you can find out more about them and make your brand a trusted brand.

So how can we use the different social media platforms?
Twitter is a great place for expressing your innermost thoughts (although you might want to ensure all thoughts are in keeping with the correct tone of voice for your business) You can connect with customers, engage with potential customers and join in business tweet chats, or host your own tweet chat! You can join Twitter communities and expand your network!


Latest Instagram Posts
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Connect to Instagram
Instagram, the home of the beautiful aesthetic, is also a great place to contact with people, follow hashtags, ask questions of your followers, add locations and find and connect with influencers!

So if you listen to millenials, you might believe Facebook is dead but it is still a popular network, to connect with your customers. As well as your own business page, you can start a group and connect with local groups, that may contain potential customers. (Although be wary of posting about your business as most groups are now wary and this may well go against group rules!)

So if you read through and decided you already knew all the benefits of ensuring your business is on social media, just think about how much time, you are spending and dedicating to having a plan.

When it comes to your social media, it’s also worth thinking about how much value you put on social media, are you ensuring you have planned? curated content and thought of a strategy? Have you thought about your audience and how much time you will dedicate to social media posts. If you know the value of social media, it’s definitely worth considering if you have put the right value on your own social media!

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