Simon Jones Talks To The Social Eye!

October 13, 2020
Simon is a photographic artist based in Manchester, England. Simon has received a number of international awards and prizes for his work and has exhibited across the UK and abroad. The main themes of his work are concerned with ideas of memory, remembering and longing. All of Simon's images are staged on location and captured in one single exposure.

So we are all aware of those beautiful Insta feeds, that we not only envy but aim to emulate! The rise of Instagram, has meant that we are all expected, to be able to take a decent photograph!

With this in mind, I asked the amazing photographer, Simon Jones, to share his top tips! Simon is a Manchester-based photographer, who has won a number of awards, both in the Uk and Internationally. He has exhibited in both the UK and abroad and I was lucky enough, that he agreed to sharing some tips!


Less is always more – only put in the camera frame, what you want people to engage with! Unrelated backgrounds, scenery, objects – they can all just confuse the message!

Get close or choose the background carefully! If you put the subject in the centre of the frame it will dominate the overall image. If the background and location are part of the story, put the main subject to one side of the frame, as this will create more of a story between the subject and location!


Light from the side, as this will create more contrast – (think shadows and texture) which can add interest and mood! lLighting from the front will flatten the subject and remove shadows and texture!

You need to think about where the main light sources is coming from and arrange your subject to suit the message.

If there is not much light, you need to keep the camera (or your phone) as still as possible, to avoid camera shake (motion blur) lots of light result in a sharper image. It’s always better to use natural light (even at night) but if you want to get rid of shadows on a bright sunny day use the fill flash feature on the camera!


If you want colours to pop more, have a look at the artist wheel, by using colours opposite to each other ( complimentary colours on the colour wheel ) can really make something stand out,E.G Someone in a red coat standing in a green field!

So some key tips there for improving your photos and Instagram feed, do let me know if Simon’s tips have helped and show me or tag me in your photos!


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