The Social Eye Packages

I offer a set package, that offers optimum posting and engagement, for two platforms. Should you require lighter posting or a heavier content plan, I can offer a bespoke package, that reflects this. In addition, I offer powerhours and one to one sessions. Contact me today, to discuss your requirements.

The Social Eye Main
  • This is my recommended package for running 2 platforms and includes the features listed below.
Recommended Package

This is the package recommended for most businesses, that require optimum posting, on two platforms and content creation.


Competitor review

User generated profiles

Content pie chart.

Access to bespoke Trello board

Management of 2 platforms, usually Facebook and Instagram

Stories Creation/posting

Daily posts and engagement

Content Creation

Content Curation/ research

Stories linked to posts

Content creation, including different media

Answering queries, directing problems/questions appropriately.

Influencer research

Hashtag research

Engagement on related sites/influencers etc

Monthly report, analysis of KPIS

Monthly call or Google hangout

The Social Eye Main for One
  • All of the features of the recommended package for only one platform.
The Social Eye Powerhour
  • Perfect for starters, available via zoom or google hangouts,covering the key areas of social media.
The Social Eye Starter
On request
  • I recommend the Social Eye package, covering 2 platforms. On request, I will consider a mini package, perhaps if you are just starting social media or require very light posting. I can suggest, which features from the standard package, could be removed!

The Social Eye Total Social Sauce
On request
  • If you require more than 2 platforms, 1 monthly blog posts, or anything additional, I would be happy to discuss this. Please request a price and detail requirements
One to One session
  • A one to one session, may be perfect for your business or social enterprise. This session will cover the basics of social media and involve practical activities, to get you started in improving your social media platforms.